Thursday, 12 December 2013

C Stock in abundance

We had 30 C Stock vehicles in November and 12 so far in December. We are due to get another 18 before Christmas. As you can imagine, we're busy processing them as fast as we can. The scrap line had 9 vehicles in at the start of yesterday, and now has seven as Raxstar have scrapped two. Six of the vehicles are trailers as they are quicker for us to process and are usually turned round and in the scrap line within hours of arriving. The motors take a bit longer , hence the lines of them awaiting processing in the yard.

Also scrapped in the last week have been three of the stored KIB coil carrier wagons.

Northern Belle 47790 is back out the front after completion of repairs.

The remaining Kof, 539-7, is in the Paintshop.

The 07 now sports working head and marker lights on each end. Something the veteran loco hasn't had for many years.

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Record breaking.....

The Maritime trip earlier today departed with 23 wagons.... this beats the previous known record of 22 wagons. 66542 was in charge of the trip and brought in 12 wagons for repair before departing with the mammoth consist;


Also out and about today are two of the GLVs being prepared for de-icing duties now that the weather is getting colder.

Friday, 8 November 2013

Farewell 'Splutter'

Having arrived on 19th October 2011, the two Kof locos have proved their worth over the last two years. They've hauled all sorts around the Works, including mainline locos (47s, 57s and 66s) and electric units, not to mention dozens of Underground vehicles and wagons.

323 674-2, nicknamed 'Splutter' having developed an engine fault that made it sound rather unwell, is now departing for pastures new at Wansford on the Nene Valley Railway.

323 539-7 remains on site and is used out the back of the Works for shunting locos and wagons between bays 1, 2 and 3.

Here's a look back of some of 'Splutter's varied duties over the last two years.......

Arriving with 323 539-7

 Shunting overhauled wagons

Shunting Underground units for warm storage

Shunting Class 57s

Shunting Undergrounds for decontamination and disposal

 Hauling a Class 66 out of the Paintshop

Shunting Class 508s for warm storage

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

In the Rain....

Four EDs (73136, 73212, 73141 and 73119), two Translators (975875 and 977087) and the two 508 vehicles (64710 and 64720) are waiting at the gates to leave for the docks. Once there they will be loaded onto lorries for the journey to their new home.

47853 and 66589 are back out the front of the Works, almost ready for departure following repairs.

'Celebrity' 66s, 66718 and 66721, are sat in the pouring rain by Eastleigh station. Released from the Arlington Paintshop on Monday reliveried and one of them renamed, they did a GBRf charter yesterday from Victoria which included a naming ceremony for 66721 'Sir Peter Hendy CBE'.

66718 sports graphics of various modes of transport around London as well as famous quotations relating to London.

66721 retains its 'Harry Beck' nameplates and is cream on one side with graphics depicting the Harry Beck's original 1933 Underground map. The other side is white and depicts a 2013 version of the map.
Yesterday saw the return of three 57s from RHTT duties, 57312, 57301 and 57306 arrived with the Arlington Translator vehicles. The comment on the side of 57306 said it all for me...'Also available in Yellow'.
01508 was used to shunt the Translators giving the first chance to see the matching livery....

Monday, 14 October 2013

That's Not MOD Green!

Ex MOD 428 (01508) is out of the Paintshop sporting a new coat of Arlington green, the same as the two Translator coaches. It's currently without numbers and decals. It makes quite an impression when it's shunting which it was doing most of the morning.

New arrivals have been 455807 on saturday evening and 450030 this morning. 455841 departed on Friday and 450015 this morning.

66594 has just departed on the trip back to Maritime with repaired wagons.

66718 and 66721 have also arrived, just as the rain started!

In amongst all the excitement, a curious track machine , 999801, arrived and parked up.

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Is this place haunted?

Moving around the site earlier was 57007 in white primer, looking very ghostly...!

66717 is progressing well in the Paintshop with the blue due to be painted any time now.

66589 is the latest Freightliner 66 to arrive for repairs, arriving on the Maritime trip on Monday.

450015 has replaced 450029 earlier this week for Siemens, 450026 remains on site.

Wabtec are finishing off 455840 which will be leaving tomorrow evening.

C Stock scrapping has restarted with Raxstar disposing of 6536 and 6567 yesterday.

End of an Era

Something I omitted from my previous post was that 59002 and 59004 were here over the weekend of 6th to 8th September for debranding. They had the large 'Y' and Yeoman branding painted out.

These were the last ones to carry the Yeoman logo, going back to John Yeoman the man who bought the 59s to the UK and ultimately also the design for the Class 66.

Friday, 20 September 2013

508 Disposals come to an end.....

The 508 disposals have come to an end, at least for now. 71488 and 64654 of 508203 were the last to be broken up by Raxstar earlier this week. This just leaves the 7 vehicles for Translators and spares.
Repainted 57002 departed with TSO 5810 and BSO 9525 and was replaced by 57007 which is now in primer. Arriving with 57007 were 47790, 47853 and TSO 6122 for repairs.
70017 has departed following completion of repairs. 66556 has also departed following repairs and 66587 remains here.
GBRf 66716 has departed following repainting and been replaced by 66717 which is in the Paintshop being prepared for repainting.
NR 57s are beginning to see more use with both GBRf and Colas using them recently.
31105 has visited several times recently with a Test Train and is currently in the yard being refuelled ready for its next outing.
Wabtec are now working on 455840 which is due out next week.
Siemens have 450029 and 450026 on site, with 029 due out very soon and another in to replace it.
MOD 428 is running around in primer with the covers off while 66s and 57s are in the Paintshop.
07007 has had downtime this week to fix some annoyingly persistent oil leaks which, fingers crossed, are now resolved.
C Stock arrivals so far this month have been; 5536/6536, 5567/6567, 5554/6554 and 5730/6730 with all but 5567 already in the scrap line.
Work continues on the overhaul of Merchant Navy 35005 'Canadian Pacific'.

Friday, 30 August 2013

A little more green.....

The Works is known for the yellow NR 57s that are based here and also the blue DRS locos that arrive for repairs and repaints on a regular basis and GBRf blue and gold locos being repainted. Now we have Freightliner green machines arriving for repairs, including a class 70. 66556 is ready to depart after repairs and 66587 and 70017, which both arrived on Tuesday, are undergoing repairs.

DRS 57002 is nice and shiny in its new coat of blue (well it would be if there was any sun!), coupled with Mk2 TSO 5810 also looking nice and shiny in Compass livery with Mk2 BSO 9525 in plain blue without the decals. All three are due to depart soon, I'm told.

66716 is the latest GBRf loco in for repaint and it's nearly complete in the Arlington Paintshop.

VSOE Mk2 BSO 9502 has been repainted in the umber and cream livery and looks very nice with the Pullman crests, gold lining and 'Car No. 9502' on the side.

Siemens have begun overhauls on the 450s with 450029 the first in. This involves replacement of the intermediate couplings so the unit is being split up. It also involves bogie overhauls so the vehicles can be seen about the place on yellow accomodation bogies which look quite strange.

Wabtec are working on 455839 which is due out on the 5th September.

508s are getting very thin on the ground now with only 9 vehicles left on site. 71515 (508210), 508202, 64677 (508210), 508205 and 64697 (508203) have all been scrapped by Raxstar in the last two weeks. 71488 (508203) has been shunted into the scrap line this morning and 64654 (508203) is in the shed being stripped of re-usable components.

64664 and 64707 of 508207 have been taken into the main workshops by Arlington and lifted off their bogies ready for work to begin converting them to translator vehicles.

More C Stock due next week.

Monday, 12 August 2013

Holiday Time

Well, I'm back from two weeks leave and quite a lot's changed!

57308 has departed with it's fresh coat of DRS blue and new 'County of Staffordshire' nameplates.

66741 has also departed in a new coat of GBRf blue/gold.

47839 has been scrapped between 6th and 8th August...RIP

Also scrapped are the remaining C Stock vehicles; 5708, 5588, 5556, 5528 and 5589...RIP

Today, Raxstar got busy with the 508s again and already 71501 and 71514 have been demolished.

Army Ruston 428 is in the Paintshop being prepared for a repaint now that it's back up and running.

DRS 57002 was on the loadbank this morning.

Siemens 444045 departed this morning and there's nothing more due in for them for a couple of weeks.

Wabtec are working on 455838 which is about half way through.

70017 was in this afternoon with another batch of wagons for repair and departed with those already repaired, back to Maritime.

Until next time.......

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Less and less.....

The 508s continue to reduce with Raxstar scrapping 71498 of 508207 and all three vehicles of 508204, the last of these (64655) is being finished off as I type.

508202 is undergoing significant component recovery at the moment.

On a brighter note, 66741 (the last in unbranded Freightliner green) is in the Paintshop being prepared for repainting. 57308 and BSO 9525 are now in DRS blue awaiting decals.

MOD 428 (01508) is now operational again after many years in bits. Still a few jobs to do but she's been running up and down the yard recently.

Siemens are working on 450005 and Wabtec have 455837 in. 455826 departed behind 57306 on tuesday evening back to Selhurst.

Friday, 5 July 2013

Departures and an Extinction!

66740 departed yesterday, sporting fresh GBRf livery. 

47841 also departed having received a fresh coat of DRS Compass livery, modified roof grilles and a flush cab front. It ran to the LNWR depot next door and collected 66303 which had received replacement wheelsets.

Virgin Thunderbird livery is no more....57308 is in the Paintshop, having had the yellow fronts and black roof painted. The rest is in primer and preparation work is underway for painting the blue.

Siemens are preparing to swap units later this morning with 450079 ready to depart.

Wabtec are working on 455826 which arrived on Saturday behind 57301 having failed in the early hours on Friday morning on its way here.

508303 and 508301 have been scrapped by Raxstar, rendering the 508/3 subclass extinct!

508206 has also been scrapped. Next in line is 71498 from 508207 with 508204 ready to go in the scrap line after that.

Test Car 6 (ADB 975290) was scrapped on Monday. RIP!

Thursday, 20 June 2013

508302 RIP

508302 is no more..... Raxstar have now started breaking up 508303. 508301 is in the scrap line behind it. Next in line are 508204 and 206.

455817 is being worked on by Wabtec, expected out next Thursday.

Siemens continue to work on 450s with 450039 departing on Tuesday and being replaced by 450083. This unit is due out tomorrow (Friday).

Monday, 17 June 2013

Paint Jobs and Razor Blades

As always, plenty going on.....

66740 has arrived for repairs and a repaint into GBRf livery.

57002 has joined 47841 in DRS blue, awaiting decals.

Class 508 processing is proceeding apace with the following vehicles already scrapped;

71483 (508201)
71503 (508209)
64669 (508209)
64683 (508302)
71517 (508302)

Next up is 64726 (508302) with 508303 behind that. 508301 is currently in the shed being stripped and will be in the scrap line in the next day or so.

That's all for now.....

Monday, 10 June 2013

More trains....

We've had more C Stock in for processing with 12 cars arriving in the last few weeks. I also took a week off at the end of May to go to not-so-sunny Kent! While I was away we got the go-ahead to scrap more of the Class 508s so since I've been back it's been full steam ahead making sure we process both sets of trains in a timely fashion.

All six of the C Stock trailers (6528/6530/6556/6588/6589/6708) have now been processed and scrapped. The motor cars will be processed in due course.

We are currently processing 508s, with 71483 (508201) and 71503/64669 (508209) all processed and waiting in the scrap line. 508302 is currently in the shed being processed.

This morning 57002 was moved into the paintshop to complete preparation and repainting. 47841 emerged last week in a nice coat of DRS blue.

Arlington continue to turn round wagon repairs at a rapid pace with trips from East Yard and Maritime running regularly. We've had both 70017 and 70019 in recent weeks on the Maritime trip.

Colas 66847 has arrived for fuel tank repairs and new wheels.

BARS 31190 collected 50026 and Mk1 BG 977905 on 29th May, taking them to Dereham on the Mid Norfolk Railway.

Another DRS convoy left on 16th May with 47813 hauling 57311 (repainted and named 'Thunderbird'), 20305 (from storage) and 47501.

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Not always to plan....

66746 arrived yesterday with the two Arlington liveried Translators for the move of two 317 units (708 and 709) to Ilford.

They were due to leave at 09:22 today but are still in the yard here with a problem preventing them from leaving. Hopefully all will be resolved soon and they can get on their way.
08650 departed by road last thursday, back to the Isle of Grain. The lorry returned on friday with 08947 which is operational but looks rather work worn!
455833 departed last night and was replaced early this morning with 455835 which is currently sat outside my office having all the seats etc removed prior to being split up and shunted into the shed.


31190 returned last friday with three more JRA wagons for repair, departing on monday with three repaired JRAs.

66540 brought in more wagons for repair from Maritime yesterday afternoon and left light engine.
57311 is now in DRS blue and 47841 is in the Paintshop being prepared for repainting. 57002 is also being preparted for repainting.

07007 is back in action, having had many of it's hoses replaced and attention to the fan assembly over the last couple of weeks.

Here's hoping the VEP makes it to Swanage today, at the second attempt......

Friday, 19 April 2013

...and there's more....

The two 508 vehicles made it to the Docks OK and have now been delivered to MES at Seacombe.

455834 left last night and was replaced early this morning by 455833.

450037 is the latest Siemens unit in, arriving just before lunch, 450567 departing soon after.

The impressive Speno rail grinder (DR79221-226) arrived for maintenance this morning.

The SITT has been formed up with 57305 and 57306 ready for an anticipated cold spell this weekend.

66743 has received repairs to its fuel tank and is now sat in the Works yard awaiting departure.

08650 looks splendid shunting in the sunshine in its new coat of paint.

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Busy, Busy, Busy.....

Another busy few days in the Works.....

The train to convey two class 508 vehicles to Southampton Docks is being formed up in the Works yard ready for departure just before 16:00 today. The formation was to have included 57310 but it will now be as follows;


Due to reverse in east Yard so the 73s will lead into the Docks.

Yesterday the usual swap of Siemens' units was 450567 in and 450086 out.

Two Test Trains in yesterday, 31233 with DBSO 9701 and top 'n' tailed 73201 and 73107.

455834 is nearing completion with the unit having been formed up yesterday and had it's front numbers applied this morning. It's due out Thursday evening with the next one due in early Friday morning.

07007 has been stood down for a couple of weeks for some much needed maintenance so recently completed 08650 is standing in as Works shunter.

Recent arrival is 57311, one of only two left in Virgin colours, which is already in the prep area in the Paintshop.

That's all for now.....

Wednesday, 3 April 2013


The big DRS convoy left yesterday afternoon, 47828 hauling 37409, 37607, 20303 (newly repainted), 20301, 20302 and 20304. Quite a sight seeing that lot leave. I believe the 20s are destined for an engineering job in the north east but don't shoot the messenger as they say!

The remaining class 20, 20305 was receiving a wash this morning.

31465 is stabled with the UTU4 Test Train and there are two 57s with the SITT awaiting its next duty.

455831 departed on 29th March having been completed. It's replacement, 455834, arrived first thing this morning.

450553 is the latest unit in for attention by Siemens.

Very quiet on the Underground front with nothing currently on site for disposal.


Monday, 25 March 2013

Ins, Outs and Repaints

66416 has just arrived with wagons for repair from Maritime and will be departing with a batch of repaired wagons shortly.

47828 has arrived for minor cosmetic attention to one cab front and the grille modifications as per the 57s. 47828 came in with 47805 and a Northern Belle Mk2 (3267 BELVOIR) for overhaul. 47805 then departed with overhauled Mk2s 6117 and 6122, now in DRS Compass livery.

The other DRS Mk2 TSOs, 5871, 6001 and 6008 are also in DRS Compass livery as is BFK 17159. TSO 5810 and BSO 9525 are under overhaul and should be repainted in due course.

08650 has emerged from the Paintshop in Mendip Rail blue and awaits decals.

66739 has been completed in the revised GBRf livery and should be leaving soon, with new nameplates covered up.

Currently in the Paintshop is 20303, being repainted into DRS Compass livery.

47839 has been stood off alongside the Fareham line for the time being.

Until next time....

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Walking around the site this morning....

I was walking round the site this morning and it struck me how many locos were here;

323 539-7 - Shunting Duties
323 674-2 - Awaiting Engine Repairs
01508 - Under Repair
07007 - Shunting Duties
08650 - In the Paint Shop
20301 - Stored
20302 - Stored
20303 - Stored
20304 - Stored
D6515 (33012) - Under Repair
47839 - Stored
50026 - Preserved
57002 - Under Repair
57301 - Stabled
57303 - Stabled
57305 - Stabled
57306 - Stabled
57310 - Stabled
57312 - Under Repair
E6005 (73005) - Preserved
73204 - Awaiting Repair
73212 - Stabled
35005 'CANADIAN PACIFIC' - Preserved

It's quite unusual to have all six NR 57s on site at the same time.

A NR Test Train is stabled, a single coach 977997 with a 57 at each end!

Also present was the SITT which had a 57 at one end and a 73 at the other.

455829 is nearing completion and is being reformed, as I type, ready for testing. It's due to depart on Monday.

Earlier today we had 66143 in on the trip from East Yard with a wagon for repair.

73119 has literally just arrived following it's little mishap in the holding sidings by the station earlier this week.

Cheers for now.....

Friday, 15 February 2013

How Time Flies.....

It's been a while since my last update, for which I apologise. There's always so much going on here it's a question of when do you stop and try and write it all down! I'll attempt to provide a round up of what's happened since Christmas (yes it has been that long!) and then I plan to put smaller posts with more of a 'what's happening right now' theme. I'm also hoping to add pictures to most posts but some activities are commercially sensitive so photos won't always be possible.

Big news in early January was the release of 57307 in base DRS blue and retaining it's LADY PENELOPE nameplates. The loco has since had vinyls applied that warn cable thieves that they are being watched. 57010 was also repainted in full DRS livery and both 57s departed behind 47818 on 4th January.

66718 visited in early January for repairs to its fuel tank.

Network Rail Test Trains continue to make regular visits for stabling and servicing with 31465, 57303 & 57312, 73119 & 73206, 73201 & 73107 all putting in appearances on these duties.

The GLVs and SITT rain have been regular visitors over the recent cold period, receiving maintenance and replenishment.

Several inches of snow fell across much of the country on the 18th January with Eastleigh receiving about 4-5 inches, giving some interesting views including a good layer of snow on the Snow & Ice Treatment Train (SITT) top ‘n’ tailed by 57sand the many stored vehicles in the yard here.

Above is the view from my office window at about 8.30 am on 18th January.

31190 arrived to return 71000 ‘DUKE OF GLOUCESTER’ to Crewe on 24th January.

Siemens continue to process two Class 450 units each week with changeovers on Tuesday and Friday. Those attending during January have been 450001, 109, 563, 564, 116, 545, 112, 549 and 107.

Wabtec have completed overhauls on 455809, 819 and 828 with 829 being the most recent arrival in early February.

Mk2 TSOs 5908 and 6136 have escaped the cutters torch for a short while as more parts are removed for re-use on other vehicles.

Overhauls of DRS Mk2 coaches (5971, 6001, 6008, 6117 and 6122) are nearing completion.

The two Arlington liveried Translators, 975974 and 975978, departed following maintenance behind 66719 on 9th January.

The Speno Rail Grinder DR79221-226 departed after completion of maintenance at the beginning of January.

Stoneblowers DR80215 and DR80206 have been repainted and returned to traffic.

Docklands engineers wagon 996 has departed following overhaul. Removed by road on 14th and replaced by 998 which arrived by road the following day.

Freightliner wagons continue to arrive on a regular basis for repairs and maintenance with many FLAs, FSAs and FTAs and a few FEAs. 70009 made an appearance on the trip working from Maritime on 28th January.

Work continues on conversion of the extra two cars for the Tube Lines Asset Inspection Train (AIT), 3079 and 3179.

The last of the ex Shoeburyness 1972TS vehicles have now been disposed of; 3321, 3219, 4219, 4319 and 3319.

The only ex LU stock left on site for disposal are the two Standard Stock vehicles, 7281 (IoW 44) and L130. 7281 will be heading for the scrap line on Monday.

Also disposed of has been B168, the Niteq Mini Mover 1500-E battery shunter that came from Neasden.

Until next time......