Friday, 19 April 2013

...and there's more....

The two 508 vehicles made it to the Docks OK and have now been delivered to MES at Seacombe.

455834 left last night and was replaced early this morning by 455833.

450037 is the latest Siemens unit in, arriving just before lunch, 450567 departing soon after.

The impressive Speno rail grinder (DR79221-226) arrived for maintenance this morning.

The SITT has been formed up with 57305 and 57306 ready for an anticipated cold spell this weekend.

66743 has received repairs to its fuel tank and is now sat in the Works yard awaiting departure.

08650 looks splendid shunting in the sunshine in its new coat of paint.

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Busy, Busy, Busy.....

Another busy few days in the Works.....

The train to convey two class 508 vehicles to Southampton Docks is being formed up in the Works yard ready for departure just before 16:00 today. The formation was to have included 57310 but it will now be as follows;


Due to reverse in east Yard so the 73s will lead into the Docks.

Yesterday the usual swap of Siemens' units was 450567 in and 450086 out.

Two Test Trains in yesterday, 31233 with DBSO 9701 and top 'n' tailed 73201 and 73107.

455834 is nearing completion with the unit having been formed up yesterday and had it's front numbers applied this morning. It's due out Thursday evening with the next one due in early Friday morning.

07007 has been stood down for a couple of weeks for some much needed maintenance so recently completed 08650 is standing in as Works shunter.

Recent arrival is 57311, one of only two left in Virgin colours, which is already in the prep area in the Paintshop.

That's all for now.....

Wednesday, 3 April 2013


The big DRS convoy left yesterday afternoon, 47828 hauling 37409, 37607, 20303 (newly repainted), 20301, 20302 and 20304. Quite a sight seeing that lot leave. I believe the 20s are destined for an engineering job in the north east but don't shoot the messenger as they say!

The remaining class 20, 20305 was receiving a wash this morning.

31465 is stabled with the UTU4 Test Train and there are two 57s with the SITT awaiting its next duty.

455831 departed on 29th March having been completed. It's replacement, 455834, arrived first thing this morning.

450553 is the latest unit in for attention by Siemens.

Very quiet on the Underground front with nothing currently on site for disposal.