Thursday, 12 December 2013

C Stock in abundance

We had 30 C Stock vehicles in November and 12 so far in December. We are due to get another 18 before Christmas. As you can imagine, we're busy processing them as fast as we can. The scrap line had 9 vehicles in at the start of yesterday, and now has seven as Raxstar have scrapped two. Six of the vehicles are trailers as they are quicker for us to process and are usually turned round and in the scrap line within hours of arriving. The motors take a bit longer , hence the lines of them awaiting processing in the yard.

Also scrapped in the last week have been three of the stored KIB coil carrier wagons.

Northern Belle 47790 is back out the front after completion of repairs.

The remaining Kof, 539-7, is in the Paintshop.

The 07 now sports working head and marker lights on each end. Something the veteran loco hasn't had for many years.


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