Friday, 5 July 2013

Departures and an Extinction!

66740 departed yesterday, sporting fresh GBRf livery. 

47841 also departed having received a fresh coat of DRS Compass livery, modified roof grilles and a flush cab front. It ran to the LNWR depot next door and collected 66303 which had received replacement wheelsets.

Virgin Thunderbird livery is no more....57308 is in the Paintshop, having had the yellow fronts and black roof painted. The rest is in primer and preparation work is underway for painting the blue.

Siemens are preparing to swap units later this morning with 450079 ready to depart.

Wabtec are working on 455826 which arrived on Saturday behind 57301 having failed in the early hours on Friday morning on its way here.

508303 and 508301 have been scrapped by Raxstar, rendering the 508/3 subclass extinct!

508206 has also been scrapped. Next in line is 71498 from 508207 with 508204 ready to go in the scrap line after that.

Test Car 6 (ADB 975290) was scrapped on Monday. RIP!

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