Monday, 12 August 2013

Holiday Time

Well, I'm back from two weeks leave and quite a lot's changed!

57308 has departed with it's fresh coat of DRS blue and new 'County of Staffordshire' nameplates.

66741 has also departed in a new coat of GBRf blue/gold.

47839 has been scrapped between 6th and 8th August...RIP

Also scrapped are the remaining C Stock vehicles; 5708, 5588, 5556, 5528 and 5589...RIP

Today, Raxstar got busy with the 508s again and already 71501 and 71514 have been demolished.

Army Ruston 428 is in the Paintshop being prepared for a repaint now that it's back up and running.

DRS 57002 was on the loadbank this morning.

Siemens 444045 departed this morning and there's nothing more due in for them for a couple of weeks.

Wabtec are working on 455838 which is about half way through.

70017 was in this afternoon with another batch of wagons for repair and departed with those already repaired, back to Maritime.

Until next time.......

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