Thursday, 18 October 2012

It's been a while.....

It's been a while since the last post here but much has changed in that time!

Many of you will have read in the railway press that Knights Rail Services has been sold to Arlington Fleet Group who have been on site here since the beginning and have been growing steadily since then. Arlington have plans to grow the activities and services that they offer at the Works.

Knights Rail Environmental Services will continue on site carrying out train decontamination and component recovery and storage activities.

Going forward, It's my intention to use this blog as a way of highlighting the activities that are going on at the Works so here's a summary of some of the recent activity;

We've recently had half a dozen or so  warm store runs to Winchester and back (and even one run to Basingstoke and back) for a class 508/3 but that program has now stopped.

Our last LU A Stock train arrived w/c 1st October and is currently being processed, all the trailer cars having been disposed of already. The first C Stock train (or part of, as it's only four cars) arrived this week. The main program of C Stock processing is due to start in 2013.

The LU Asset Inspection Train (AIT) has arrived on site for conversion of the two extra cars.

Two Colas Rail Freight 66s arrived this week for A exams, 66846 and 66850.

57010 is in the Paintshop.

66423 is receiving new wheelsets.

NR 57s continue to be based here.

1923 vintage London Transport electric loco No.12 'SARAH SIDDONS' arrived on 18th September.

455816 is almost half way through its interior refresh and repaint.

This week has been busy with NR Test Trains coming and going at all hours. We had four Test Trains here at the same time on Monday;

37682 and 37688
31465 and DBSO 9703
73138 and 73107
73205 and 73207

As always, photos of most of the activity can be found on my website