Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Is this place haunted?

Moving around the site earlier was 57007 in white primer, looking very ghostly...!

66717 is progressing well in the Paintshop with the blue due to be painted any time now.

66589 is the latest Freightliner 66 to arrive for repairs, arriving on the Maritime trip on Monday.

450015 has replaced 450029 earlier this week for Siemens, 450026 remains on site.

Wabtec are finishing off 455840 which will be leaving tomorrow evening.

C Stock scrapping has restarted with Raxstar disposing of 6536 and 6567 yesterday.

End of an Era

Something I omitted from my previous post was that 59002 and 59004 were here over the weekend of 6th to 8th September for debranding. They had the large 'Y' and Yeoman branding painted out.

These were the last ones to carry the Yeoman logo, going back to John Yeoman the man who bought the 59s to the UK and ultimately also the design for the Class 66.

Friday, 20 September 2013

508 Disposals come to an end.....

The 508 disposals have come to an end, at least for now. 71488 and 64654 of 508203 were the last to be broken up by Raxstar earlier this week. This just leaves the 7 vehicles for Translators and spares.
Repainted 57002 departed with TSO 5810 and BSO 9525 and was replaced by 57007 which is now in primer. Arriving with 57007 were 47790, 47853 and TSO 6122 for repairs.
70017 has departed following completion of repairs. 66556 has also departed following repairs and 66587 remains here.
GBRf 66716 has departed following repainting and been replaced by 66717 which is in the Paintshop being prepared for repainting.
NR 57s are beginning to see more use with both GBRf and Colas using them recently.
31105 has visited several times recently with a Test Train and is currently in the yard being refuelled ready for its next outing.
Wabtec are now working on 455840 which is due out next week.
Siemens have 450029 and 450026 on site, with 029 due out very soon and another in to replace it.
MOD 428 is running around in primer with the covers off while 66s and 57s are in the Paintshop.
07007 has had downtime this week to fix some annoyingly persistent oil leaks which, fingers crossed, are now resolved.
C Stock arrivals so far this month have been; 5536/6536, 5567/6567, 5554/6554 and 5730/6730 with all but 5567 already in the scrap line.
Work continues on the overhaul of Merchant Navy 35005 'Canadian Pacific'.