Thursday, 21 February 2013

Walking around the site this morning....

I was walking round the site this morning and it struck me how many locos were here;

323 539-7 - Shunting Duties
323 674-2 - Awaiting Engine Repairs
01508 - Under Repair
07007 - Shunting Duties
08650 - In the Paint Shop
20301 - Stored
20302 - Stored
20303 - Stored
20304 - Stored
D6515 (33012) - Under Repair
47839 - Stored
50026 - Preserved
57002 - Under Repair
57301 - Stabled
57303 - Stabled
57305 - Stabled
57306 - Stabled
57310 - Stabled
57312 - Under Repair
E6005 (73005) - Preserved
73204 - Awaiting Repair
73212 - Stabled
35005 'CANADIAN PACIFIC' - Preserved

It's quite unusual to have all six NR 57s on site at the same time.

A NR Test Train is stabled, a single coach 977997 with a 57 at each end!

Also present was the SITT which had a 57 at one end and a 73 at the other.

455829 is nearing completion and is being reformed, as I type, ready for testing. It's due to depart on Monday.

Earlier today we had 66143 in on the trip from East Yard with a wagon for repair.

73119 has literally just arrived following it's little mishap in the holding sidings by the station earlier this week.

Cheers for now.....

Friday, 15 February 2013

How Time Flies.....

It's been a while since my last update, for which I apologise. There's always so much going on here it's a question of when do you stop and try and write it all down! I'll attempt to provide a round up of what's happened since Christmas (yes it has been that long!) and then I plan to put smaller posts with more of a 'what's happening right now' theme. I'm also hoping to add pictures to most posts but some activities are commercially sensitive so photos won't always be possible.

Big news in early January was the release of 57307 in base DRS blue and retaining it's LADY PENELOPE nameplates. The loco has since had vinyls applied that warn cable thieves that they are being watched. 57010 was also repainted in full DRS livery and both 57s departed behind 47818 on 4th January.

66718 visited in early January for repairs to its fuel tank.

Network Rail Test Trains continue to make regular visits for stabling and servicing with 31465, 57303 & 57312, 73119 & 73206, 73201 & 73107 all putting in appearances on these duties.

The GLVs and SITT rain have been regular visitors over the recent cold period, receiving maintenance and replenishment.

Several inches of snow fell across much of the country on the 18th January with Eastleigh receiving about 4-5 inches, giving some interesting views including a good layer of snow on the Snow & Ice Treatment Train (SITT) top ‘n’ tailed by 57sand the many stored vehicles in the yard here.

Above is the view from my office window at about 8.30 am on 18th January.

31190 arrived to return 71000 ‘DUKE OF GLOUCESTER’ to Crewe on 24th January.

Siemens continue to process two Class 450 units each week with changeovers on Tuesday and Friday. Those attending during January have been 450001, 109, 563, 564, 116, 545, 112, 549 and 107.

Wabtec have completed overhauls on 455809, 819 and 828 with 829 being the most recent arrival in early February.

Mk2 TSOs 5908 and 6136 have escaped the cutters torch for a short while as more parts are removed for re-use on other vehicles.

Overhauls of DRS Mk2 coaches (5971, 6001, 6008, 6117 and 6122) are nearing completion.

The two Arlington liveried Translators, 975974 and 975978, departed following maintenance behind 66719 on 9th January.

The Speno Rail Grinder DR79221-226 departed after completion of maintenance at the beginning of January.

Stoneblowers DR80215 and DR80206 have been repainted and returned to traffic.

Docklands engineers wagon 996 has departed following overhaul. Removed by road on 14th and replaced by 998 which arrived by road the following day.

Freightliner wagons continue to arrive on a regular basis for repairs and maintenance with many FLAs, FSAs and FTAs and a few FEAs. 70009 made an appearance on the trip working from Maritime on 28th January.

Work continues on conversion of the extra two cars for the Tube Lines Asset Inspection Train (AIT), 3079 and 3179.

The last of the ex Shoeburyness 1972TS vehicles have now been disposed of; 3321, 3219, 4219, 4319 and 3319.

The only ex LU stock left on site for disposal are the two Standard Stock vehicles, 7281 (IoW 44) and L130. 7281 will be heading for the scrap line on Monday.

Also disposed of has been B168, the Niteq Mini Mover 1500-E battery shunter that came from Neasden.

Until next time......