Monday, 25 March 2013

Ins, Outs and Repaints

66416 has just arrived with wagons for repair from Maritime and will be departing with a batch of repaired wagons shortly.

47828 has arrived for minor cosmetic attention to one cab front and the grille modifications as per the 57s. 47828 came in with 47805 and a Northern Belle Mk2 (3267 BELVOIR) for overhaul. 47805 then departed with overhauled Mk2s 6117 and 6122, now in DRS Compass livery.

The other DRS Mk2 TSOs, 5871, 6001 and 6008 are also in DRS Compass livery as is BFK 17159. TSO 5810 and BSO 9525 are under overhaul and should be repainted in due course.

08650 has emerged from the Paintshop in Mendip Rail blue and awaits decals.

66739 has been completed in the revised GBRf livery and should be leaving soon, with new nameplates covered up.

Currently in the Paintshop is 20303, being repainted into DRS Compass livery.

47839 has been stood off alongside the Fareham line for the time being.

Until next time....

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