Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Sunny Days on the Southern

I have clearly gone into a parallel universe. Not only is the sun shining at the Works in April but also the place seems full of diesel locos

Not only are there people swarming over an 08 in the main shop,but also a shiny Crompton behind it and a slghtly oily 50 behind that. In the yard was a test train with a 31 and 73 top and tailing. Don't they all know its the 21st century?

Outside the DRS 47s have been running up after bringing the boat train down from Jocklandshire. By all accounts it went very well and was fully loaded with punters. Double heading was the order of the day at Eastleigh with double headed DRS 47s, Freightliner 66s and DBS 66/67 combos all running past the gate within a short period.

Excess power units on trains? Don't tell the IEP gurus at the DFT or they'll make it compulsory.

Oh and today is Hitler's birthday. He was another one of those foreign types who wanted to shut the Works ( Well allright, not him personally but his Heinkels had a pretty good go in 1942). Well yah boo sucks to you matey, coz we're still here and you're not.

Excuse me whilst I just play out of this bunker