Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Fotopic Replacement

Most people will now be aware that Fotopic, the popular photo hosting service, has ceased to be. No-one seems to know why but the service has been down now for almost two weeks and most railway photographers are opting to setup replacement sites.

My own Fotopic site which chronicled the day to day activities going on at Eastleigh Works has now been replaced by my own photo website which I am slowly building up http://www.carlswatson.com/.

It will take quite some time to get the historical collections reloaded to this new site but very shortly I should have all the collections since the start of March 2011 loaded and visible to all. The next task will be to upload all the photos since the start of 2011 and then previous years. It will take a long time but there should be a regular record again once I've loaded the first stage from beginning of March 2011.

Thanks for your patience,


Monday, 7 March 2011

A busy couple of weeks with a Crompton (D6515/33012) overhauled to mainline standards and unveiled to the waiting cameras on 16th February.

Followed on 3rd March by another 'first' for the rejuvenated Works with 'CHELTENHAM' being lifted off its wheels and becoming the first loco to have this done inside the Works since the 1960s