Monday, 10 June 2013

More trains....

We've had more C Stock in for processing with 12 cars arriving in the last few weeks. I also took a week off at the end of May to go to not-so-sunny Kent! While I was away we got the go-ahead to scrap more of the Class 508s so since I've been back it's been full steam ahead making sure we process both sets of trains in a timely fashion.

All six of the C Stock trailers (6528/6530/6556/6588/6589/6708) have now been processed and scrapped. The motor cars will be processed in due course.

We are currently processing 508s, with 71483 (508201) and 71503/64669 (508209) all processed and waiting in the scrap line. 508302 is currently in the shed being processed.

This morning 57002 was moved into the paintshop to complete preparation and repainting. 47841 emerged last week in a nice coat of DRS blue.

Arlington continue to turn round wagon repairs at a rapid pace with trips from East Yard and Maritime running regularly. We've had both 70017 and 70019 in recent weeks on the Maritime trip.

Colas 66847 has arrived for fuel tank repairs and new wheels.

BARS 31190 collected 50026 and Mk1 BG 977905 on 29th May, taking them to Dereham on the Mid Norfolk Railway.

Another DRS convoy left on 16th May with 47813 hauling 57311 (repainted and named 'Thunderbird'), 20305 (from storage) and 47501.

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