Thursday, 13 March 2014

Not all One Way Traffic!

The last month has been busy with stock departing.

The five 317s departed to Ilford in the last week of February and, hopefully, a return to service.

The enlarged Tube Lines Asset Inspection Train departed over three days at the beginning of March. The two additional cars now painted to match the rest. A lot of the overhaul and conversion work has been done but further work is to be done in London.

The NR Swich and Crossing carriers departed behind 66155 on 24th February.

The DRS Escort Coaches departed on 4th March after overhaul.

The last two C Stock to come here, 5705 and 6705 arrived on 4th March. Scrapping of C Stock by Raxstar is progressing at 5-6 per week. We have the final two C Stock (5512 and 5547) being processed in the shed which will be in the scrap line on Monday. The scrap line currently holds four C Stock (5518, 5571, 5718 and 5705) which will all be gone by the end of next week.

The Swanage Railway class 108 DMU has arrived by rail for repairs, coming in behind 33207 on 6th March.

37423 is here for a repaint, arriving on 3rd March.

66540 is receiving repairs.

57010 is also undergoing an exam.

Wagon exams and general repairs continue to increase with two trips in from Maritime this week.

The two 508s being converted into Translators are progressing well with both now painted and looking very smart, even if they do look a bit strange with buffers on one end and only one window on the other!

The LU Inspection Saloon is back on its bogies.

So, plenty going on, even if the yard does look a bit empty....although, if you look closely, the yard is quite full of flat wagons!