Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Not always to plan....

66746 arrived yesterday with the two Arlington liveried Translators for the move of two 317 units (708 and 709) to Ilford.

They were due to leave at 09:22 today but are still in the yard here with a problem preventing them from leaving. Hopefully all will be resolved soon and they can get on their way.
08650 departed by road last thursday, back to the Isle of Grain. The lorry returned on friday with 08947 which is operational but looks rather work worn!
455833 departed last night and was replaced early this morning with 455835 which is currently sat outside my office having all the seats etc removed prior to being split up and shunted into the shed.


31190 returned last friday with three more JRA wagons for repair, departing on monday with three repaired JRAs.

66540 brought in more wagons for repair from Maritime yesterday afternoon and left light engine.
57311 is now in DRS blue and 47841 is in the Paintshop being prepared for repainting. 57002 is also being preparted for repainting.

07007 is back in action, having had many of it's hoses replaced and attention to the fan assembly over the last couple of weeks.

Here's hoping the VEP makes it to Swanage today, at the second attempt......