Wednesday, 8 January 2014

How did I miss that?

Firstly, Happy New Year to all of you who spend a few minutes now and again reading this blog.

This morning, an almost completed 66712 was shunted out of the Arlington Paintshop! I missed this one arriving, apparently over Christmas sometime, and didn't realise it was here. Woops! Shows how busy we've been.

Underground deliveries have stopped for now and Raxstar are crunching their way through the vehicles in the scrap line, only 5 left this afternoon. We still have 16 vehicles to process, including two that are currently inside our shed, so plenty to do.

The two additional AIT cars were shunted into the Paintshop this morning. The rest of the AIT cars are being moved from Bay 1 South into one of the Test Sheds which has been kitted out so they can be worked on to get the six vehicles put together.

Kof 539-7 emerged from the Paintshop before Christmas painted in Arlington green, to match the Ruston, and wearing the name 'Cheviot'.


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  1. Great blog Carl and superb pictures on your rail picture site, keep up the good work mate.