Friday, 24 January 2014

A distinctive sound....

There's the distinctive throbbing hum from a pair of EDs alongside the Van Shop, it's more of a feeling than a sound! 73119 and 73109 are formed up with GLV 68505 making ready to leave shortly. Also on site are 73208 and 73213 which arrived as a foursome yesterday with the other two but are now sat on the short road alongside the Fareham line awaiting their next duty.

57310 and 57305 have just arrived back and are sat running on the fuel point.

Raxstar have scrapped four more coil carriers this week. There are still some more to do before they resume scrapping C Stock. There are currently seven C Stock in the yard awaiting the chop. Work continues on processing the rest of the C Stock with 5601 currently over the pit.

Work is underway in the old Cleaning House which Arlington are turning into a diesel loco servicing shed. A new pit is being built and the track was surveyed yesterday to see what work needs to be done to bring it up to scratch and extend into the shed.

Earlier this week the yard boys broke their record again when they dispatched 24 wagons on the trip to Maritime.

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  1. The ED's wouldnt be working this tomorrow would they?