Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Just like the old days.....

Bit of an ED fest today with five in the yard and one in the shed!

73107 and 73201 are stabled with a Test Train. 73138 was taken off this train yesterday and replaced by 73201. 73109 and 73213 arrived this morning for repairs. E6005 (73005) is stored down the back of Bay 1.

Also in Bay 1 is class 3 D6515 (33012). Add that to 07007 trundling around the place and it's just like old times!

455846 is almost complete and is due to depart on Monday 20th.

Siemens are working on 450075 and 450095.

There are 20 completed wagons to go out but the trip isn't running today after all so these will have to wait for another day.

Scrapping of C Stock has halted temporarily while Raxstar concentrate on scrapping some coil carrier wagons with three dealt with so far this week.

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