Thursday, 18 July 2013

Less and less.....

The 508s continue to reduce with Raxstar scrapping 71498 of 508207 and all three vehicles of 508204, the last of these (64655) is being finished off as I type.

508202 is undergoing significant component recovery at the moment.

On a brighter note, 66741 (the last in unbranded Freightliner green) is in the Paintshop being prepared for repainting. 57308 and BSO 9525 are now in DRS blue awaiting decals.

MOD 428 (01508) is now operational again after many years in bits. Still a few jobs to do but she's been running up and down the yard recently.

Siemens are working on 450005 and Wabtec have 455837 in. 455826 departed behind 57306 on tuesday evening back to Selhurst.


  1. Are there any 508 Vehicles not put up for scrapping still? if so, Which ones?

    1. It's all a bit fluid as far as I can tell...we're getting authorisation to strip and scrap almost on a unit by unit basis so which ones might be left is anyone's guess....