Wednesday, 19 December 2012

The View from My Window

The weather may not be that good today but the view from my window over the Works yard is very interesting.

As well as the usual Class 508s, Mk2 DBSOs, and a diminishing number of ex-London Underground vehicles, I can see seven Class 57s, a Stoneblower and an MPV between de-icing duties. Oh, and not forgetting the workhorse of this place, the Class 07 shunter!

Five of the NR Class 57s are now on site with three arriving last night and one departing. 57301, 310 and 312 arrived late evening yesterday and 57305 departed to Tonbridge. 57303 is now outside, alongside the Fareham line, with 57306 in the middle of the yard, 57310 near the old Training School and 57301 and 312 on the fuelling point.  DRS 57002 is sat outside the Paintshop and 57010, having been repainted and had new wheelsets, is also alongside the Fareham line.

Just out of view from my window is 71000 DUKE OF GLOUCESTER, alongside the Fareham line.

Stoneblower DR80215 arrived earlier this week and work is already underway preparing it for repainting.

Also in the Paintshop is 57307, in the process of being transformed from red and silver into dark blue.

Mendip Rail 08650 is now on replacement wheels.

Siemens are working on 450001 and Wabtec are working on 455809 in their respective areas.

Wagons continue to come and go with 66534 collecting a rake of repaired FLAs, KFAs and a KTA yesterday.

The last C Stock vehicle on site (5532) is being processed and should be ready for scrapping very soon. There is one 1972TS DM that requires a bogie swap and then it too can go for scrap. That leaves us with four more 1972 vehicles and two Standards, one of which is ex-Isle of Wight no. 44.

That's all for now....

Have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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