Thursday, 29 November 2012

Update - 29th November 2012

The rain has finally stopped (at least for a while) and we have had a lovely sunny day here today, although it is bitterly cold...can't have everything I guess, at least it's dry.

Bruce's latest acquisition arrived on 15th November from the USA in the form of a 16" gauge steam engine. The loco needs a lot of work to return it to use and will be a project for our staff during the quieter months.

As always, quite a lot has been happening over recent weeks so here's a summary;

57010 has been repainted in DRS Compass livery and has had new wheelsets.
66743 has arrived for fuel tank repairs and painting of the cab interior and is due to leave this evening.
57306 and 57310 arrived back from RHTT duties on 26th looking suitably grubby! They have since been washed and 57310 was involved in an MPV drag yesterday.
Units receiving attention from Siemens have been 450560, 450546, 450101, 450559, 444027 and Tuesdays arrival 450548.
455830 was completed but failed with an MA fault when it was due to leave. 455813 arrived as the next unit for overhaul and towed 455830 back to Selhurst on 22nd. 455813 returned to Eastleigh later that day and is now being overhauled by Wabtec.
Ex GLVs 68501 and 68504 departed behind 73141 for Tonbridge Yard yesterday. 68505 is still being worked on.
Component recovery is still underway on Mk2 TSOs 5908 and 6136.
DVT 82126 returned behind 47841 on 7th for further work and departed behind the same loco the following day.
47501 arrived with Mk2 BSO 9525 and TSOs 6117, 6008, 6122, 6001, 5810, 5971 for overhaul for DRS. Five of these (5971, 6001, 6008, 6117 and 6122) have been lifted off their bogies and work has already begun.
66420 was used on the Freightliner trip on 29th October, bringing in KTA 97726 and departing with completed KTAs 97747, 97743, 97737 and KFAs 92562, 93314.
66588 collected completed FSAs 608353, 608349, FTAs 607037, 607032 and KFAs 93367, 93364 on the 19th.
The MPVs based at the Works have been busy day and night on RHTT trains in the area. With the RHTT season drawing to a close they will be re-equipped for de-icing duties.
The Niteq Mini Mover 1500E (B168) that arrived from Neasden a few months ago has been  moved into the scrap line.
The first C Stock vehicle to be processed is 6532 which was scrapped on the 16th.
Work is continuing on conversion of the two ex Victoria Line 1967 stock vehicles for the AIT.
Two more ex Victoria Line 1967 vehicles arrived on 10th, 3061 and 3161. These two are for the Emergency Response Unit (ERU) and are training vehicles based at Acton. They have arrived for Asbestos removal and component swapping with the AIT vehicles. Both have been completed and will be returning to Acton in the next few days.
Two of the 1972 vehicles stored in the car park some months ago due to lack of space in the yard have been moved into the main yard. 3319 and 4319 were moved on the 10th. In the next couple of days, the other two (3219 and 4219) should also have been moved, all being well.
1972 vehicle 3221 was moved into the scrap line this afternoon.
As I said before, quite a lot happening!
Cheers for now,

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