Wednesday, 7 November 2012

7th November Update

Test Trains continue to be in and out like the proverbial yo-yos. As I type, 37409 and 37682 are moving up to the gate to depart having been replaced on the RSC yesterday by 37423 and 37259. Plenty of clag when the two were started up a short while ago.

Last week, two DVTs visited for wheelset swap. 82101 and 82126 arrived on Tuesday 30th October behind 47802 and 47501. Following lifting and swapping of wheelsets the two DVTs departed on Thursday 1st November behind 66423 which had received new wheelsets whilst here.

57010 is in the Paintshop, having DRS decals applied.

NR 57s on site today are 57301, 57303 and 57312.

The three NR de-icing GLVs are being prepared for Winter duties.

450555 departed on Tuesday 6th and was replaced by 450546.

455816 departed Thursday 1st November and 455830 arrived on the 2nd.

The last A Stock vehicle on site, 5119, was scrapped yesterday (6th). The two 1962 Tube Stock vehicles NDM 9533 and DM 1532 have also been scrapped. Attention has now turned to the seven remaining 1972 Tube Stock vehicles on site, of which 4221 and 3221 are in the workshop being processed.

Mk2 TSO 6016 was scrapped on 29th October. 5908 and 6136 should follow in due course.

The white Kof loco, 323 539-7, is progressing well with the new cab roof completed and is now in green primer in preparation for a full repaint.

That's all for now....


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