Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Mystic Freg examines her crystal ball

So 2012 is already underway by three days, and its come in with another big blow meaning that my poor roof gets another battering from Mother Nature.

Still it is traditional at this time of year to dust of the stargazing charts and make predictions for the new year. This time we have employed the talents of that Diva of the occult, Madame Mystic Freg.

So without further ado, and before she drinks too much of the sherry , lets hear what she has to say about the Works over the coming months........

Cravens will inhabit the Works if a Canadian soldier can ever make good his promises.

An overweight man from far away will have sleepless nights as his gold is boiled by frogs to move platforms in the West.

The short stranger from foreign lands will be taken for a journey to the sea and will bring much happiness

Much red gold will be sold to foreign merchants

Five years of good harvests will be announced to the World

An old friend will appear with a new suit of clothes but his good name restored

Pilgrims will come to the temple to see old ways, bringing gold for the elderly

A school will rise and fly the nest in the spring

What was three, will be four and will grow

Wise men from Russia will pay homage to a Scotsman's palace

An old soldier that was wounded will be returned to health and given work

Men from Wales, Italy and Poland will talk with flamed tongues

Peopletrucks will continue to multiply

A leaping black cat will do or die

All of which may or may not happen, if the mad old bat is to believed.

Still, here's one of my own.

In 2012 the bastard son of the DFT known as IEP will be laid to rest. And about time too.

By the way, the first person to email us with the correct version of what all of that really means, or even the most correct answer, will win a personalised tour of the Works

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