Thursday, 2 December 2010

Well I had to moan, didn't I. After much freezing last night fuelling the 66, this morning South Hampshire was blessed by 6 inches of the white stuff. After a 30 minute journey in through Christmas card scenes, I was rewarded with a nice exhaust plume in the yard as I inched my way up the ( ungritted) bridge approach in Campbell Road.
Richard, our Railway Manager had lain awake last night wondering if he had left the traction key in 73119 and come in early to make sure it was OK. Fortunately, all was well, with the ED humming away nicely on the 3rd rail. A small number of trains were venturing out on the network around Eastleigh Station but ours was the only diesel I could see working.

We fuelled the two GBRf 73s which needed a bit of TLC from Arlington Fleet's John to coax back into life after standing on a cold siding for too long (The EDs not John).

I can't recall seeing this much snow around here before and I'm told that it is pretty unusual.
The Works is open for business although one of the Siemens lads came in on Ski's from West End. I took the opportunity to shoot some handheld video of the site in the snow. Look up" 73119 in the snow" on youtube if you want to see it

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